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I teach from beginning jazz, sax,flute and classical flute to advance,pro level.I also teach basic piano,music theory and rudimentary drums.Rhythm is a very important aspect of learning music and will move you into advanced levels working on rhythm.Especially jazz.I am very patient with teaching and find that the combination of small amounts of info at a time with having fun is the best and most natural way to learn music...Depending on your level, i can help you get to those areas that seem to be difficult.Its all about going slow and repeating,singing,hearing until its internalized, then just being yourself when playing music.
I charge $65. an hour...$35.for a half hour. If I have to travel to your home to teach I add on an extra $10. for gas,transportation.

We will work on:
1.Long tones,breathing, embouchure,embouchure,embouchure !
2. Overtones,intonation,space between the notes
3.Creating a beautiful sound on your instrument.
8.How to work on reeds
9.Playing over chord changes
12. Ear training
14. Using play alongs to advance your improv.
15.Specific books to get and work with.
16. How to let go and play music,instead of being in your head.

Depending on your level,what you want,I can work with you on specific areas so you can free up your playing regardless if your a beginner or advanced.
Its all about the music and expression as though you are speaking and telling me a story. All the above broken down areas are just tools,for you to be free in expressing the music within.

A:The Saxophone
All I can say is  develop a beautiful tone.Learn to sing on your sax.Deep,
slow,long tones,listening to each notes tone,fullness,intonation,space in between the notes,fingering height on the keys.Hearing it in your head what you want.
Consistent practice on the same one thing you are working on till you own it,internalize it,then slowly moving on to the next musical area.One thing at a time
is the key,unlike our fast pace texting,instagram,skype,etc....This stuff is old world..slow skills that take years to develop so it becomes natural.
Music is an alternate reality. It is the massage between time and space.Like any other discipline and much more so with jazz,classical music you have to incorporate what Leonardo da Vinci says " Sapere vedere" learning to see or "Sapere sentire" learning to hear. Going into the more subtle,refined areas of the nervous system,perception,feelingsand expressing that through the creation of music.
Enough for now.I will be back to write much,much more.

I use a selmer series 1 tenor sax.I prefer the darker sound on this horn
I use a mouthpiece cafe houseblend *8
Java green or reds *3 reeds
rovner dark ligature
I like the combination of a dark horn,bright mouthpiece,bright reeds,dark ligature makes for a more complex sound.