I started playing drums at the age of 10. I studied with various teachers in Chicago, my cousin Nick Petitti, in particular, who was a professional jazz drummer in the Chicago area and worked with world class jazz musicians.In Chicago, I worked as a drummer in a variety of musical settings and styles, which eventually led my taking up classical flute, jazz flute, and saxophone.
I attended Chicago's own Roosevelt University to study classical flute, and eventually found my way to Dick Grove School of Music in L.A.I studied many years with Larry Kassin in San Francisco, a wonderful classically trained flautist who hailed from Chicago as well.
Later, I studied for over five years with Jim Grantham in San Francisco, an incredible musician and Jazz educator!  I also played and studied  for twenty years with Lawrence "Larry" Cady, who’s worked with bassist Richard Davis, Josh Haden and Spain, John Coppola, Jimmy McCracklin among others.Over the years, I've played numerious gigs and sessions with world class musicians who have worked with jazz greats such as Joe Henderson, Sun Ra, Earl Fatha Hines, Bobby Hutcherson. I have had innumerable other musical influences and life experiences that have affected my approach to music.
Currently, I am fortunate to work with some of my favorite jazz musicians in a number of San Francisco-based music venues.